American Sub Sandwich

Main Dishes, Sandwiches
Makes: 50 Servings
Turkey breast, cooked, sliced
2 1/3 lb
Ham, sliced, light
2 1/3 lb
Cheese, cheddar/american, sliced
2 1/3 lb
50 each
Lettuce, chopped or shredded
3 heads
Tomatoes, fresh, sliced
3 1/2 lb
Green pepper, sweet, sliced
4 lb


1.  Slice meats and cheese into 3/4 oz slices. Cover and hold in refrigerator until ready to assemble sandwiches.
2.  Shred lettuce; set aside.
3.  Core tomatoes and slice into 1/2 oz slices, set aside.
4.  Core peppers and slice thinly.
5.  To assemble: Place 3/4 oz each turkey, ham and cheese on each roll. Top with 1 oz each shredded lettuce, sliced tomato and pepper slices. Slice sandwich in half; wrap individually or place onto serving trays.
6.  Keep covered and air tight; refrigerate until serving time.
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