Batido Smoothie

Batido Smoothie
Makes: 4 Servings
Total Cost:
Prep time: 10 minutes
This refreshing smoothie is a blend of papaya, banana, and yogurt and makes a satisfying part of breakfast or any time of day. Mix in frozen or fresh berries for a variety of flavors.


2 cups papaya chunks (fresh or frozen)
2 bananas (overripe, sliced)
1 cup plain low-fat yogurt
1 cup ice cubes


1.     Put all the ingredients in the blender.

2.     Put the lid on tightly. Turn the blender to a medium setting and blend until the ice is chopped and the mixture is smooth, about 1 minute.

3.     Serve right away or cover and refrigerate up to 4 hours.



  • One cup of low-fat milk, soy, rice, almond or coconut milk can be used instead of yogurt. 
  • Strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries can be used in addition to or instead of papaya.

See how to make this recipe and more on USDA’s What’s Cooking? YouTube site


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Love this! I add a small amount of Splenda or sugar free cool whip. It gives it an extra kick of sweetness.
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ice not needed Slice bananas and put in freezer and use frozen strawberries can be added while blender is "blending". I use 1% milk.or half that and half yogurt is good. I also add a bit of vanilla extract. Can add anything else you want.
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