Fruit Yogurt Parfait

Makes: 1 serving
Total Cost:

Layer grapes, yogurt, bananas, and cereal for a sweet and crunchy snack.


1/2 cup yogurt, fruit-flavored (low-fat)
1/2 banana (medium)
1/2 cup grape
1/4 cup dry crunchy cereal (Grape Nuts or granola cereals are good)


1. Peel and slice the banana.

2. Spoon the grapes into a tall plastic cup.

3. Put 3 spoonfuls of yogurt on top of the grapes.

4. Spoon sliced bananas on top of the yogurt.

5. Add the rest of the yogurt.

6. Sprinkle the cereal on top.



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It's great - but it would be helpful if it had a *Note: Any berry could be substituted for grapes. For instance, today I used this recipe. Grapes were $2.99/lb and blueberries were $1/lb becaue they're in season.
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