Makes: 5 Servings
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A sweet and creamy beverage that pairs well with spicy food.


1 cup white rice, long-grain uncooked
5 cups water
1/2 cup milk, 1%
1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 tablespoon ground cinnamon


1. Pour the rice and water into the bowl of a blender; blend until the rice just begins to break up, about one minute. Let rice and water stand at room temperature for about three hours.
2. Strain the rice water into a pitcher and discard the rice. Stir the milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar into the rice water. Chill and stir before serving over ice.



Horchata is a traditional Mexican beverage made with rice and flavored with lime, cinnamon, or sugar.

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